50-60% of first year students drop out of their first course choice.

Hopscotch was made by young people, for young people. Hopscotch was born when the founder was just leaving school and deciding what to do next. A year in Italy tutoring was where it all began. We’re hard workers, problem solvers and team players who are incredibly passionate about helping young people carve out their own unique path.
Hopscotch is here to connect you to all the work and travel options available to you after high school, University and beyond.  We here to help you find the opportunity that is right for you and have you on the path to success. Cause really, who of us isn’t a little bit lost?
Love from the crew at Hopscotch
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Why Hopscotch Travel: As a 19 year old girl who was nervous to venture out into the world on her own Hopscotch really made the experience more exciting and inviting to go to France and work. They were quick with responses and kind when assisting me, personal calls and emails were informative and I felt eager to ask questions and get in touch with the agents. If I decide to do another program I will definitely do so through Hopscotch as it was safe and secure with no issues. Sinead De Bruin

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