Barista Introduction Course

Hopscotch Travel has partnered with a Barista course provider, Accredited by SCASA (The Specialty Coffee Association of Southern Africa) to prepare you for your overseas experience. The course is 6 hours over 1 day. 20 % theory and 80 % practical. You’ll need to choose the nearest location for your in-person training. A course provider will contact you to coordinate the attendance dates, giving you the flexibility to select a convenient date.

Johannesburg: 28th 6th Street, Parkhurst, Johannesburg, 2193

Cape Town: 235 Bree St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001


Cost: R 1,900

Duration: 1 full day

1 Day: The course is 6 hours over 1 day. 20 % theory and 80 % practical. The theory and practical will be done with an experienced facilitator, who will provide the course material.

During this course, you will be expected to participate in various practical exercises and scenario simulations.


Master the perfect cup:

  • coffee beans, grind, espresso pouring, milk dynamics, and latte preparation without milk burning.

Global coffee knowledge:

  • Discover global coffee varieties, grasp the science of blends, and comprehend the art of combining specific beans.

Hands-on Expresso knowledge:

  • Operating a machine, applying theory, and refining your skills.

Accreditation:  Accredited by SCASA (The Specialty Coffee Association of Southern Africa)

Once the course has been booked and paid, no refunds will be made. However, one can move the training session out to an alternative date. (Maximum of 1 date change will be allowed).


No, the initial skill to master is the art of pouring a perfect espresso. Once this skill is honed, understanding milk dynamics becomes crucial, as recognizing burnt milk is among the key distinctions in your coffee experience.

Many baristas learn on the job, and having the opportunity to train under an experienced mentor provides an excellent start. However, finding the ideal job with a knowledgeable trainer can be challenging. Opting for a Barista course offers a structured and supervised learning experience, especially for those uncertain about where to begin their coffee education journey, despite ample information available online.

Many students pursue part-time jobs at local coffee shops for extra income during college or travel, while others see it as a potential career path with limitless possibilities. Some students currently hold positions in leading coffee shops and restaurants across Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town. Opportunities include working as a crew member/barista in the yacht industry, leading hotels, Resorts, and bars in the USA.

The fee covers all essentials: course materials and access to a fully equipped coffee bar. Please note that lunch is not provided, but the schools are conveniently located near various eateries. Students are welcome to bring their lunch, and there are storage and warming facilities.

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