Book Flights

Book Flights

Hopscotch Travel has partnered with a renowned flight provider to simplify your flight bookings. Pentravel is here to eliminate the challenges and worries associated with booking flights.

Our dedicated flight expert, Rozanne, is ready to assist you.


  • Rated #1 in SA as rated by their clients/customers.
  • Pentravel has been setting the standard in Leisure Travel in South Africa since 1983.
  • Pentravel is proudly South African.
  • Expert travel advice with over 1000 years of service.
  • Pentravel’s experts are well travelled and boast an average experience of 8 years per consultant, making sure that you are in the best possible hands.
  • When booking with Pentravel, they are upfront about all possible charges you could incur should your trip be canceled due to ANY Covid related incident.
  • Pentravel does the admin, you do the relaxing.
  • Pentravel communicates with airlines and suppliers, so you don’t have to.