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Browse the Childcare course, and if you love it and meet the requirements – click ENROL to start your exciting journey!

Getting you up-skilled and equipped for your work abroad, childcare adventure…Covering three essential ONLINE modules: Aupair, Infant, baby and toddler and Tutor.

Students have enrolled from all over the world; America, England Zimbabwe, Botswana, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Mauritius, Germany, France and many more!

  • Cost: R1500
  • Once the course is purchased, access details will be provided to the course material within 24 hours 
  • Each module takes +- 5 hours to complete (+-15 hours in total)
  • A device and strong internet connectivity is required
  • There is no time limit to complete the courses
  • There is no written or oral examination
  • Certificate of completion of course will be sent within 24 hours 
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No prior qualifications or experience are required. Fluent English, determination and willingness to learn are all you need to get started!

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Au Pair
  • How to gain experience and where to Find a Job
  • How to Write a Cover Letter and resume
  • What to do at the Interview
  • Overtime and babysitting
  • Salaries and contracts of employment – petrol, leave and tax
  • Au Pair Job Functions – what are normal au pair job functions
  • What Not to Do as an Employee and as an Au Pair
  • All About the First Day and Settling In
  • What Families Expect and Dislike
  • The Difficult Side of Being an Au Pair
  • Attending Parties and Play dates
  • How to Approach a Parent about a Problem
  • How to Work for a Difficult manager
  • How to Deal with the Domestic Worker
  • How to Interact with Teachers
  • How to Deal with Divorce in the Home
  • How to Deal with Religion
  • Children with Different needs – ADD / ADHD, Sensory Disorder & Anxiety Disorder
  • Dealing with Difficult Children – aggression, lack of boundaries and discipline etc.
  • Discipline and Boundaries – ages 1 to 14
  • Food – Cancer Items, After School Snacks, Lunchboxes and Dinners
  • Safety whilst on the Job – allergies, stings, various illnesses, head injuries, sprains, fevers, lice, worms, burns etc.
  • Swimming Safety
  • Transportation Safety
  • Anti-Hijacking Tips and Techniques
  • Indoor and Outdoor Activities
Infant, Baby and Toddler
  • What is an Infant, Baby and Toddler
  • Baby & Toddler Milestones
  • Infant, Baby & Toddler Routines
  • Bottles & Feeding
  • Bathing
  • Putting Baby to Sleep & Toddler Nap Time
  • Colic
  • Baby Massage & Baby Exercises
  • Teething
  • Sitting, Crawling, Walking
  • Starting Solids, Food, Feeding & Eating – Infant to Toddler
  • Dummies
  • Potty Training
  • Introducing Toddler to a New Baby
  • Boundaries & Discipline – Age 18 Months to 3 Years
  • Teaching Numbers, Counting, Colours, Shapes etc.
  • Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skill Development
  • Puzzles & Books
  • Language Development & Reading
  • Biting, Smacking, Sharing, Tidying Up & Manners
  • Vaccinations
  • COVID-19
  • How to Engage with the Child
  • How to Prepare the Child for their Homework
  • How to Prepare an Environment for the Child to do Homework in
  • How to Prepare Yourself for Homework
  • How to Do Reading Homework with a Child
  • How to Do Spelling Homework with a Child
  • How to Assist a Child with Learning Time Tables and Bonds
  • How to Assist a Child with a Speech
  • How to Assist a Child with a Project
  • How to Assist a Child with Revision
  • How to Assist a Child with Learning for Tests
  • How to Assist a Child with Exam Preparation and Revision
  • How to Assist Difficult Children with Homework
  • How to Assist Children who have ADD / ADHD with doing their Homework
  • How to Assist Children who have Sensory Disorder with doing their Homework
  • How to Assist Children who have Anxiety Disorder with doing their Homework
  • How to Motivate a Child to do their Homework
  • How to do Homework with Multiple Children
  • What Not to Do When Doing Homework with a Child
  • What You Can Expect in Terms of Homework for Different Grades
  • How to Do Research with a Child
  • Where to Access Additional Online Homework items such as Worksheets, Maths  Programmes, Spelling Programmes, Reading Programmes etc
  • What Books are Good to Purchase for Additional Homework to Help Children Learn
  • What Games You Can Play with Children to Help Them Learn

Wanna pay? Hopscotch make enrolling hassle free, offering two simple and easy ways to pay online through our secure platforms.

  1. PAYFAST:  Pay the FULL amount via our secure Payfast platform. Once payment has been received, access to your course material will be sent through ASAP.
  2. LAYUP:  Pay in monthly instalments INTEREST FREE through our secure Layup platform. A small non refundable deposit is required. Set the monthly instalments over as long as a SIX MONTH period.
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