Contiki Tours FAQS


Do I need to be vaccinated to travel with Contiki?

We highly recommend all travellers are vaccinated and boosted where applicable, but it’s not a requirement of travelling with us.

Travellers will need to comply with specific vaccine and/or booster requirements imposed by airlines and/or authorities in the destination visited, as well as requirements for accessing restaurants and venues. It is your responsibility to ensure that you always comply with these requirements. No refunds will be given if you are unable to undertake some or all of your vacation due to failure to comply with these requirements.



How do I book a trip?

Our website and search function will show you all the different regions we explore, and from here you can filter by type of trip, length of trip, price, etc. If you’re more of a people person and want to chat to one of our team, give us a call (find and we can book your trip over the phone or via onsite chat.



Do I need travel insurance?

Yes! It is a requirement of travelling with Contiki that you take out comprehensive insurance cover for cancellation, personal injury, death, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, evacuation expenses, personal liability & loss of individual property and Covid related expenses before you travel with us. It’s also important to check that your insurance covers all the activities you’ll be trying out, particularly any adventure activities (for all your adrenaline junkies).



Are flights included in the cost of the trip?

International flights to/from the destination your trip start and ends in are not included in the cost of the trip and must be purchased separately. Booking directly with Contiki? You can add flights on during the booking process. Alternatively, you can book them yourself.

Any flights you take during your Contiki are included in the cost of your trip. Particularly in regions like Asia, Australia, or South America, we use planes to get you from A-to-B as quickly as possible, and all of this is included.



What type of accommodation do you stay in on Contiki?

There is a mix of accommodation styles on the rips, depending on the destination and the travel style you have chosen. With us, you can stay in hotels, hostels, boats, camping sites, jungle lodges, eco camps, beach resorts, and even our very own 16th-century French Chateau.

All accommodation used by Contiki has been vetted and determined by the standard of the Travel Style it is associated with. Search results may be filtered by accommodation type if you have a specific need.



What’s not included that I should budget for?

Contiki social travel trips have a large degree of flexibility built into them to enable you to truly own your experience. This means that some trip elements are not included in the initial cost and may require additional budgeting. Flights to and from your starting and ending points are not included in the cost of your trip. These can be added during the booking process either online or via our contact center or booked independently by you. Each trip contains the right amount of free time for you to explore or indulge your travel desires. Contiki offer Free Time Add-Ons, which are additional experiences that are not included in the overall price. These add-offers-ons are highlighted on the specific trip page. Your Trip Manager will highlight these to you and organize their booking on the trip. Exceptions may apply where pre booking is required but this will be made known to you in your pre departure information.

A number of mealtimes are left open for you to explore a region and its foodie offerings in greater detail, so budgeting for your taste in non-catered meals is important. Travel insurance and visas are also not included in the cost of your trip and should be booked separately.



What are Contiki’s sustainability credentials?

Travel comes with responsibilities. That is why we’re determined to travel sustainably and consciously, and that’s why we’re willing to take a stand on issues closest to our hearts. Find out more details here.

With the help of our four-point Climate Action Plan, we are now on a journey to Net Zero – committing to carbon reductions and evolving to support the transition to a low-carbon future.