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Hopscotch Travel has partnered with an established brand that does tours for Social travel for 18-35’s Don’t do it for the places. While you are Au Pairing, Teaching English, or doing a 3-month stint at a ski resort, take time off to explore. Do it for those shared moments that widen the eyes and fills up camera rolls. That turns shy hellos into tearful goodbyes. Do it for the memories. When you danced ‘til the sun came up, laughed ‘til you couldn’t breathe, shared a part of yourself with the world, and got so, so much more in return. Do it for a community you’ll be a part of for life. Welcome to social travel for 18-35’s.

Book with Contiki, and you don’t just join a trip. You join a global community. From the locals who show you the world through their eyes, to the fast friends you swap playlists with on the coach. These are the kind of connections that last a lifetime.


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