English Teaching FAQS



What is an ESL teacher?

ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers focus on teaching English to people whose native language is not English. ESL teachers focus on helping their students improve English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in countries abroad.

What are the requirements?

  • Native English Speaker
  • Bachelor’s Degree in any field from a Native
  • English speaking University (not Free State)
  • TEFL/TESOL120 hours (about 5 days); internationally accredited. (You can do the Hopscotch 120hr course if you have not completed one)
  • 21-40 years old
  • No Criminal History (CBC Clear)
  • No medication or health concerns


What are the benefits of teaching English overseas?

  • Cultural exchange
  • Personal growth
  • Develop your soft skills
  • See the world
  • Affordable living


Can you still apply if you don’t have a passport?

Certainly. While waiting for your passport from Home Affairs, one can apply.

Can you apply without a driver’s license? 
Yes, you do not need a driver’s license to teach English overseas.


Is there an age limit to teach English abroad?

Yes. The ideal age range to join our English teaching program is 21 – 40 years.


Do you need to be fluent in any other languages besides English?

You do not need to be fluent in any language besides English to qualify to teach English overseas.


What type of references are required?

Two (2) references from non-family members to support the application. These are references of previous work experience such as previous childcare, tutoring or teaching experience.


How will interviews be conducted?

Online Teams interview, a Teams invitation link with be provided with all the details required to attend the interview.


How to prepare for the interview?

Strong internet connection and connect to the Teams link at least 15 minutes before the interview time. Sit in a quiet room with a clear background to ensure that there are no interruptions.


How long does it take to get matched with a host family?

Finding a host family typically takes 4 – 6 weeks (about 1 and a half months). During this time one can interview multiple families before being matched.

How long will it take for me to get a teaching job abroad?

Finding a teaching position typically takes 4 – 6 weeks (about 1 and a half months). During this time one can interview multiple schools during the orientation period.


Does one pay all the expenses upfront?

An R1,500 nonrefundable deposit to join the experience is paid on successful completion of interview. The balance of the fee is invoiced once matched with a school.


What travel destinations can an English Teachers choose?

Should you meet the requirements, then you can choose to teach English in South Korea, Cambodia, or Thailand.


Do you have an option to teach English for less than 12 months?

Yes. Thailand English teaching experience provides flexibility to teach overseas for 5 or 12 months.


What is the monthly salary?

  • South Korea: R27,000 – R30,000 per month
  • Thailand: R15,000 – R20,000 per month
  • Cambodia: R16,000 – R19,000 per month


Are flights included in the experience fee?

Flights are not included in the Thailand and Cambodia; however, you will receive a flight reimbursement upon the completion of your contract for the South Korea.


What is included in the experience?

  • Screened and safe schools
  • 1 week orientation
  • Flight reimbursement (South Korea)
  • Accommodation (South Korea)
  • Visa and Flight assistance


Can you extend the teaching contract?

Yes. One can extend teaching contracts for years or even choose a different country to teach in once your contract ends.


What type of visa is required to teach English overseas?

  • South Korea – E2 VISA
  • Thailand – Non-immigrant VISA (category B)
  • Cambodia – EB VISA

Is one guaranteed an English teaching job overseas?

There is a rigorous screening process ensures that only the best English Teaches are selected.


Do you have the option to teach English online?

No, only in the classroom.


Will the English teacher receive full support when they are overseas?

Ongoing support is provided to ensure there is an easy transition overseas.