Mentor Connect

Hopscotch supports and encourages sharing of all things travel, learning and working abroad. Our mentor program aims to connect like minded travellers who are looking to hop on a plane and embrace an adventure of a lifetime…need a little nudge to get started?

If you are an experienced and seasonal traveller or have a specific skillset to offer, and would be happy to share your knowledge with another member of the Hopscotch network, you can use this page to connect and share your ideas and interests.

It is up to you what this support looks like – Perhaps you will give 30 minutes of your time to allow a newbie applicant to fire away on questions or share your essential tips with the less experienced.

(Please note: This is a voluntary program, Hopscotch are not responsible for any advice, guidance, support or contacts given. Hopscotch will connect the candidate in line with the information provided).

Mentor Connect
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