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Our cultural teaching program runs for a duration of 12months. We link you up with a friendly School, so that you can get the authentic feel of China.

We offer all enthusiastic, bright and vibrant individuals an offer they cannot refuse. If you are taking a gap year after school or if you’re wanting to take a break after your studies, let us help you make the most of it. Our teaching program runs for a duration of 12months.  Teaching in China  gives you a chance to immerse yourself in one of the most universally useful world languages – Mandarin language.

Why China

There are few countries in the world with a culture as distinct as China. A country of contracts. China offers thriving Beijing, Shanghai and Hong kong, but also extremely rural areas in the Western part of the country. Rapid Change has attracted curious people from around the globe, so it’s a great time to dip your toes into this amazing culture and explore the country!

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Teacher Requirements:

  • You must be 22-55 years old
  • Have Bachelors degree or equivalent
  • Understand and speak English well
  • Agree to commit for 12months
  • Have childcare experience
  • Have a love for kids & be caring
  • Be in good health.
  • A valid Passport (or proof that you have applied for one)
  • No criminal record

Teacher working hours:

  • Working hours: less than 40 hours per week
  • Time off: two days off per week
  • Holiday: Training schools will have 1-2 weeks. Public or international schools will have  4-8weeks depends on specific schools.
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Secured work on arrival

Monthly salary from 8,000-24,000RMB

Secured work on arrival

Sponsored work Visa

Secured work on arrival

Health Insurance

Secured work on arrival

Airfare bonus: RMB 5,000-8,000 after contract completion of program

Secured work on arrival

Incentive Bonuses for extra teaching hours

Secured work on arrival

Free accommodation or house allowance: RMB 1,500-2,500 per month depends on the area and distance.

Secured work on arrival

Free Chinese Language Class for international teachers (We aim on helping our teachers to pass HSK test)

Secured work on arrival

Paid 11 days national holidays

Secured work on arrival

Airport pick-up upon arrival

Secured work on arrival

Living Assistance: setting up SIM card, bank account, transportation card, apartment rental, etc.

Secured work on arrival

FREE Master and Doctoral Degree study in Zhengzhou University (one of the top universities in China) after completing the work contract ! We can offer national scholarship for your postgraduate studies.


Flight: R15 000

VISA handling fee: R1500

Program Fee: R10 500

Police clearance: R100

Medical Certificate: R1 400

Tefl Course (Optional): R3 500


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Okay, we know this is a long form. This is because the more info we get from you up front, the quicker we can process your application and get going on the important part of finding your perfect placement. Please take the time to fill this out carefully, and we’ll get onto it straight away. If you’d like to discuss the options or have any questions that aren’t answered here, please feel free to contact us

What to expect…

  • HT receives the application in full and ensures all the REQUIRED documents are received
  • HT will review the profile – if you qualify you will be accepted on the program
  • HT will share your profile with our data base of schools
  • Interviews: Schools will email you to do interviews. Please have a look at the Interview guidelines before interviewing with families 
  • You may have to do a few interviews to find a the right “placement”
  • If both you and the School agree on the placement then we have hit a hole in one!
  • HT will be notified from our partner that they would like to proceed
  • Flight Booking: Confirmation mail will be sent with your flight ticket
  • Visa booking: HT will arrange for the supporting documentation to be sent so you can attend the visa appointment. The Visa process is tedious but its to ensure that you have all your documents in check!
  • Departure: You have your passport in hand and off you go!
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