The Team

The team have all worked and travelled abroad, which means you get the inside scoop of the once in a life time experience you’re about to embark on. The team handle all the nitty gritty complicated admin side of things, but we also understand the excitement and questions when it comes to working and travelling abroad. We are here to hold your hand every step of the way and carve out your own unique path!


Cara Halliday

Head of Operations

Countries Travelled: Italy, France,  Switzerland, Turkey, Israel, USA, Mexico, Belize, Peru, Maldives, Dubai, Namibia

Spoken Languages: English, Afrikaans and Italian (poco)

Why Hopscotch: Having spent time Tutoring in Europe and a Ski stint in Aspen I made strong connections with both the families and friends that I met. I wanted to create a platform where young adventurous travellers are able to have the fun and exciting experiences that are so important for any Individual!

Jessica Hind

Program Co-ordinator

Countries travelled: Mauritius, USA, France, UK, Austria, Greece

Spoken Language: English

Why Hopscotch: Hopscotch enables individuals to discover the world and explore places that they have always dreamed about visiting. Hopscotch encourages every individual to live life to the fullest and to make memories that they will always cherish!

Fabiola Djomo

Program Co-ordinator

Countries travelled: Congo, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa

Spoken Languages: French and English

Why Hopscotch: Go with the people who have the actual hands on experience of your travel plans. Our programs are tailored to suit your needs, reason being is because we have gone through it all, we know about all the stressors associated with work travel plans and know how to tackle the speed bumps that happen in the build-up to your gap year!

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