The Team

Cara Halliday


Countries Travelled: Italy, France,  Switzerland, Turkey, Israel, USA, Mexico, Belize, Peru, Maldives, Dubai, Namibia

Favourite destination: Italy –  beautiful landscapes, cities, delicious food and fun hearted people!

Why Hop Scotch: Having spent time Tutoring in Europe and a Ski stint in Aspen I made strong connections with both the families and friends that I met. I wanted to create a platform where young adventurous travellers are able to have the fun and exciting experiences that are so important for any Individual!

Campbell Frost

Countries travelled: Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique, Mauritius, Madagascar, Italy, France, Switzerland, USA, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Australia

Favourite Destination: Aspen Colorado, a second home to me!

Why Hop Scotch: Go with the people who have the actual hands on experience of your travel plans. Our programs are tailored to suit your needs, reason being is because we have gone through it all, we know about all the stressors associated with work travel plans and know how to tackle the speed bumps that happen in the build-up to your gap year!

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