USA Tax Return

Hopscotch Travel has partnered with an accredited Tax filing Company.

Sprintax has been helping thousands of people claim their tax refunds from Canada, the USA, the UK, and 10 other countries. The team of highly qualified experts has developed a straightforward and quick application process to maximize the benefits for the customers and take the stress out of tax filing.


While on a working holiday in the USA, you’ll pay a significant amount of tax on your income. The good news is that if you overpay tax, you might be eligible to claim some of your money back.

Click the link below to register and complete all your information to see if you are eligible for a tax return.

The team does all the hard work and you receive your refund straight into your bank account.

Disclaimer: Hopscotch Travel assumes no liability for your tax returns; our role is solely to provide the platform. It is imperative to understand the procedure and ensure your familiarity with the process of filing your taxes.


For more info on J1 USA Tax Returns, take a look at the FAQS.

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